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Mental Health/Instructional Support Specialist – Cheyenne, WY

POSITION AVAILABLE: Wyoming Child & Family Development, Inc. – Cheyenne is now scheduling interviews for a Mental Health/Instructional Support Specialist with telecommuting available. Application deadline:  7/2/2020 by 10 a.m.

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This institution is an equal opportunity provider





LOCATION: Cheyenne, WY

SUPERVISED BY: Mental Health/Education Coordinator


GENERAL RESPONSIBILITY: To assist the Mental Health/Education Coordinator/EHS Coordinator in the planning and mentoring of classroom staff within Wyoming Child and Family Development, Inc. and oversight of behavior supports in classroom settings.  This position will assist the Mental Health/Education Coordinator in advancing child development and family focused programs within Wyoming Child and Family Development, Inc. by providing guidance and expertise to classroom staff that enhances and develops skills that are directly applicable to a successful learning environment. This position will assist with advancing mental health/social-emotional focused programs within the service area by providing guidance and expertise to staff that enhances and develops skills that are directly applicable to supporting mental health for children, families and staff.



  • Bachelor’s from an accredited college in Management Education, Early Childhood Education or other related field and education or experience in psychology, mental health or social work. Experience and/or training in classroom instruction in the early learning environment are also required.
  • Must have coursework equivalent to a major in early childhood education and experience teaching preschool children. Wyoming Child & Family will only accept college degrees from accredited institutions recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.
  • Must possess a strong knowledge of social emotional development and infant and early childhood mental health.
  • Must possess a strong knowledge of social emotional development and infant and early childhood mental health.
  • Must be able to meet time lines and be able to manage multiple priorities.
  • Must be reliable, organized and detail oriented.
  • Must have the interpersonal skills to be able to meet the public and work with program staff.
  • Bilingual preferred.



  1. Participates in planning and implementing new and proven classroom early learning environment techniques, developing mentoring plans, and recommending classroom improvement.
  2. Assists the Special Services/Mental Health Coordinator with mental health and social emotional supports for children and families.
  3. Promotes a culture of wellness that promotes mental health and social and emotional well-being of children, families and staff.
  4. Obtain and maintain Handle with Care Trainer Certification.
  5. Member of the Handle with Care Training team.
  6. Supports classroom implementation of recommended strategies from the Mental Health Consultant and/or Mental Health Coordinator.


  1. Assists with the coordination of trainings and workshops for staff and parents regarding mental health services and supporting social-emotional development.
  2. Assists with observations, data collection for social emotional and mental health needs to support service implementation and delivery.
  3. Assists in quality assurance, and resource development.
  4. Assists educational staff in planning and implementing successful early learning techniques. Coordinates with centers and staff to schedule mentoring time and assure follow-through.
  5. Maintains the confidentiality of program children, families and staff.
  6. Reports suspected child abuse in accordance with the policies and procedures of Wyoming Child and Family Development, Inc.
  7. Respects the dignity of each enrolled person and treats him/her with fairness and courtesy.
  8. Ensures the safety of all enrolled children and families while participating in Wyoming Child and Family Development Inc. programs.
  9. Develops and implements plans to address weaknesses and out of compliance areas or program improvement.
  10. Represents Wyoming Child and Family Development, Inc. in a professional manner.
  11. Promotes positive public relations within the work setting and in the community.
  12. Recruits children for the program within the guidelines established by Department of Health and Human Services and Wyoming Child and Family Development.
  13. Attends required training sessions.
  14. Performs other duties as assigned by the Board or its designee.
  15. Facilitates child and family outreach and recruitment efforts for all WCFD programs.
  16. Assist with ongoing generation of in-kind through family and community partnerships.


All requirements for this position will meet the Head Start/Early Head Start Performance Standards, DFS licensing, NAEYC standards, Wyoming Division of Disabilities Rules and regulations and WCFD policies and procedures.  All employees will adhere to the Mission, Vision, and Values of WCFD.



  • Able to perform the essential functions of the position, as defined in the job description, without presenting a danger to either self or others, with or without reasonable accommodations.
  • Must have an employment physical and TB risk assessment prior to work with children.
  • Must have AHA CPR and First Aid Training completed within 90 days, unless otherwise specified by the supervisor.
  • Wyoming Child and Family Development, Inc. requires all prospective employees to participate in a Central Registry and criminal background check, including fingerprinting upon hire and every 5 years.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license, safe driving record and liability insurance as required by Wyoming State Law. Driving records are reviewed annually.
  • Wyoming Child and Family Development requires an initial statement of health from a licensed healthcare provider and a renewed statement every 5 years.



  1. Must be able to work with families and children birth through age 5.
  2. Must possess proper stress management techniques.
  3. Must possess visual acuity and stamina to read technical material for extended periods of time.
  4. Be able to sit, stand, or walk for long periods of time without fatigue or discomfort.
  5. Must be able to travel to site locations, meetings and trainings, both in and out of state.
  6. Must be willing to drive in a variety of weather conditions.
  7. Must be able to hear and process ordinary conversation and telephone conversation.
  8. Must be able to communicate effectively with staff, children, families, and community.
  9. Must be able to tolerate air-conditioned buildings and fluorescent lights.
  10. Must be able to climb stairs, stoop, kneel, crouch and/or reach, to retrieve materials and supplies from ground level to a height of at least 5 ft.
  11. Must have upper body strength to lift and carry the equivalent of 50 pounds.
  12. Must be able to assist a child to safety in case of an emergency.
  13. Must be able to work in a flexible daily routine and change as required.
  14. Must be able to work in a variety of temperatures, including hot and cold weather.

Transportation staff must:

  • Able to tolerate possible exposure to biohazards, i.e., body fluids, etc.
  • Ability to recognize mechanical problems that would require stopping of bus to prevent damage or potential accident while driving.
  • Able to read gauges on dash of bus and recognize indicator of problems.
  • Able to tolerate possible gas and diesel fumes.
  • Able to tolerate dust and gravel.

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