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Q:  Is My Family Eligible?

A: Head Start and Early Head Start services are available to pregnant women and children ages birth to five and their families. Eligibility is determined by local program staff. Your family may be eligible for Head Start or Early Head Start services if your family's income is determined to be at or below the federal poverty level. Programs may enroll some children from families whose incomes are higher than the federal poverty level if they meet other eligibility requirements. Families with circumstances such as homelessness, children in foster care, or receiving TANF or SSI may also qualify for services.

Wyoming Child and Family also provides other early childhood services. We strongly recommend you contact the program in your community for more information and guidance.

Q: Are Children in Foster Care Eligible for Head Start?

A:Children in foster care are Head Start eligible, regardless of family income.

Q: How Can I Get Involved with Head Start?

A: Head Start welcomes volunteers. By becoming a volunteer you can help in the classroom and on field trips, assist in renovating centers, and support parent education. Your volunteer experience may later qualify you for training which can help you find employment in the child care field. For information about volunteering please contact your local Head Start program.

Q: What is required for proof of income?

A: Eligibility is for Early Head Start and Head Start is determined by the previous 12 months income. Proof of income may include: a tax return, W-2s, pay stubs, child support information, or public assistance information.

Q: Why does the program require preventative health and dental examinations?

A: Preventative health and dental exams help identify concerns early so necessary follow up can be completed. Children who are healthy, eat nutritious meals and snacks, and are well rested are more ready to learn and do better in school.